Virtual Booth Details

Exhibit Hall Overview Video

Our Virtual Exhibit Hall provides attendees easy access to all of your relevant content in one place. Just like a physical exhibit booth, your virtual booth will be designed to engage your prospects and customers so that they can quickly learn about your products and services. You provide the content – WE BUILD THE BOOTH.

At every conference, some attendees are just beginning the investigation part of the buying process. Some are making comparisons and others are in the decision making portion of the sales funnel. Regardless of where they are on the journey, you only have moments to make a connection. That’s a fact whether you’re working in the virtual environment or in-person. Making it easy for attendees to learn about you will give you a leg up on whether they continue to engage with you or not.

With your Virtual Exhibit Booth attendees can:

  • Watch video presentations
  • Chat with your sales team
  • Provide contact information to win your giveaway
  • Download product literature
  • Schedule a demo
  • Start a free trial or order a sample
  • Read your press materials
  • Watch a demo or educational session in your booth
  • Made connections in a private or group roundtable
  • Attend a hosted cocktail party
  • Visit your booth during the On-Demand period, extending the life of your booth long after the conference has concluded

Exhibit Booth Welcome Section

As attendees enter the virtual exhibit hall, they will see your company logo. So think about how your logo will be viewed. Will attendees easily identify who you are? Will your branding present better with a horizontal or vertical logo? Is your brand icon recognizable to a wide audience or should you add your company name to help attendees know who you are? If multiple logo options are available, choose which one will look best on the page and give you the most exposure.

Your booth overlays a background image. You have the choice to provide a custom background to compliment your branding. We will automatically place a default image if a custom background is not provided.

To the left, directly above the section tabs is the area that is called the poster. This is where you will provide a customized sign. The Poster is always visible regardless of the tab selected. Make certain the image you design for this section is easy to read and fits the space.

The Welcome section is the first section attendees will see as they enter your booth. We recommend a video for the welcome screen however you can choose between a video, graphic, copy or any combination.

All graphics and videos have required specifications and you can find them on this page. Please make certain you have reviewed the requirements prior to uploading. Remember, you provide the content and we build your booth. How easy is that?

Your Customized Sections

You may customize 3 sections of your Virtual Exhibit Booth.

When planning the content for this section, think about how you interact with conference attendees at an in-person expo.

Do you hand out brochures and flyers?

Does your company have videos that showcase your products and services?

Do you have a great sales team and want to utilize their speaking talents?

Do you want to host an education seminar in your booth?

Would you like to extend an invitation to join a zoom meeting during the conference?

Once you decide what to put in your booth, organize it into 3 sections. Each section will include a copy header, followed by the content with optional document download icons at the bottom of the page. The most common sections are About Us, Products and Services, Our Team, Resources, and Solutions.

Supporting collateral can be linked within your content or available as a PDF download. For example, you can say “click here” in your copy and we’ll link to a PDF, website, video or Zoom link. You can also have documents organized at the bottom of your page to be downloaded by attendees. You are not limited to the number of links or PDFs you can have in your booth. Remember, just as in the physical space, you can distribute as much information to attendees as you’d like.

Remember that graphics attract people’s attention more than just placing words on the page. If you have a creative or marketing team, utilize their talent to dress your booth. If your physical booth has graphics, convert them to fit the virtual space.

The screen size is 500 pixels wide, so your content must fit the width dimension. If your content extends past 500 pixels, it will be scaled to fit. You are not limited to the height of the page, but 700 pixels tall works best.

Deadline – July 9, 2021