Virtual Conference Details for Special Sessions

One of the great features of a virtual conference is the opportunity to create Special Sessions that will play during the breaks between speaker presentations. These videos are designed to add an extra layer of entertainment while providing great information to promote our chapter, provide SHRM updates, add stretch breaks and anything else we can think of to make the virtual event fun and engaging.

To create your Special Session video, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You may record your video using any technology you’d like
  • Once recorded, your video must be converted to an mp4 video file (here’s a link to free video software if you need it.)
  •  Make certain the volume is up when you are recording so the sound quality will be good
  • Name your final mp4 video file to match the Special Session time you were assigned. (Example:  2-3 means the second special session and the third video within that session) The numbers before the name are critical and MUST be in the video name

Deadline – June 25, 2021