Authority is a 3 legged stool: Gaining Credibility, Influence and Reach

Wednesday 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Session Description

HR in a small business will pull you in many directions. While HR is your focus, you can end up doing everything because that’s who we are! You want to be involved in strategy and have the authority to make critical decisions for the business. Doing that isn’t always about the title. its often an informal place in the business where others know to come to you and things will get done – and you have the ability to do it! We will look at how influence, credibility and reach will drive your visibility and authority in the organization. You’ll be the leader you want to know before anyone even realized you took the reins!


Lori Kleiman

Lori Kleiman is a business expert with more than 30 years advising companies on HR issues. With a Master of Human Resources, Senior HR Certifications, and a member of National Speakers Association, Lori brings the depth of knowledge needed to provide her audiences with the foundation of traditional study and real-world solutions to drive immediate action.