The Benefits of Playing Your Way to Wellbeing in the Workplace

Thursday 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Session Description

The dynamic duo, Lisa and Libby, energize their audience to empower them to move from where they are to some place better. During this engagement, attendees will utilize the Pillars of Play framework to learn HOW to better manage their wellbeing without it feeling like extra work. Lisa and Libby’s own stories of burnout and exhaustion led them to learn how to formulate simple wellbeing practices into their lives, while utilizing play as their key ingredient. Attendees will leave learning simple tools to positively impact their personal and professional life that make them feel energized and empowered to live with more joy, and of course, a sense of playfulness.


Lisa Thompson and Libby Rapin

Libby Rapin and Lisa Thompson are the co-founders of BluWave Wellbeing and have a combined 20+ years of experience leading human resources and corporate communication teams. After years of grinding, they reached the point of physical and mental exhaustion, in their careers. Their journeys to wellbeing led them to rediscover the childlike wonder of playfulness to help them heal and BluWave Wellbeing was born. Their professional development company makes wellbeing achievable for everyone and is built on the science of play. They teach their Pillars of Play framework, which helps individuals learn habits that they can do in 5 minutes or less.