Lead To Fail Or Lead To Win? The Choice Is Yours.

Thursday 2:15 – 3:15 PM

Session Description

Bad management costs companies billions of dollars every year by actively disengaging the workforce and increasing employee attrition. It’s time for a cure. How do you manage and lead in a way that ends the cycle of people hating their jobs? If you’re having issues with retention, or your staff isn’t meeting their goals, come and discover the best toolbox of leadership essentials. Learn how you can become a GREAT manager and discover how to create thriving work environments for your team. The advice, tips, and expertise presented will forever change how you lead your company and your team.


Kendra Prospero

As a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO, Kendra’s one of the most passionate people around when it comes to work. She is adamant that no one should suffer at work and she’s not afraid to have the difficult conversations around what we all need to do to make work better. Known as a speaker who provides hope and is also very knowledgeable about her topic because she is the CEO and Founder of Turning the Corner, one of the only businesses in the country with a mission to “end suffering in the workplace.” As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, Kendra is a sought-out industry speaker who has delivered hundreds of inspirational keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions to organizations such as Google and TEDx. She helps companies become profitable with building engaged teams and helps individuals find work they love. Kendra believes that everyone will win if people love their jobs.