Employer Branding: Translating Your Story Into Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Tuesday 1:00 PM Р4:30 PM

Session Description

Every company has a unique story and compelling reasons for why you should work there. It’s a feeling you get when you walk into work. Trust among peers.

It’s your best recruitment strategy.

Often, we look to best-in-class case studies to see how others are translating their stories. But here’s a harsh reality. Best-in-class does not mean best for you. The right candidate won’t react to just any recruitment marketing – they want to connect with your brand. From the e-mails to the career website and job posts, there’s a new standard of excellence among these high-demand people. So how are you going to stand-out in a world of look-a-likes and brands that claim to be “different?”

Attend this workshop.

You’ll learn

  • Advice for establishing a brand story and EVP without a 6-figure budget
  • How to translate your story into careers site content
  • Writing better job postings that make candidates want to apply
  • And more!

If you want to dial into your differences and translate best-in-class into best for you, don’t miss this pre-conference workshop focused on delivering methodologies and concepts you can use to tell your story as soon as you leave this session.


Katrina Kibben

Katrina Kibben has been an army brat, social media ninja, technical copywriter, and keynote speaker. But today she has the best job of all: writing coach for recruiters as CEO of Three Ears Media. Katrina takes a high-energy, humorous, and nontraditional approach to teach global recruiting teams to write about work like humans who care how much a job can change someone’s life.

Have you heard of Katrina before? She has been sharing her ideas on-stages and online for over ten years. Her features are in publications you’ve heard of like Fortune Magazine, LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, and more.