Living Richer: How to Enhance Your Employees’ Financial and Positive Psychology

Friday 9:15 – 10:15 AM

Session Description

In a time when many employers and employees are looking forward to getting back to a normal work environment, Dr. Thia Crawford and Lea Satterfield recommend taking positive steps to get to better. There is surprising research on how money and happiness go hand in hand, and it doesn’t start with how much money is in the bank. This presentation brings together research and evidence based science from the fields of positive psychology, behavioral finance, and financial education. You will enjoy the energy and spirited banter of Dr. Thia and Lea as they present practical strategies that can boost financial well-being and happiness in your employees starting today!

Dr. Cynthia “Thia” Crawford and Lea Satterfield

Using their shared background in personal finance and Dr. Thia’s expertise in positive psychology, Dr. Cynthia “Thia” Crawford and Lea Satterfield are trailblazers in the field of combining financial and mental well-being education. Dr. Thia and Lea have a passion for amplifying that we can all live happy lives, no matter our financial circumstances. This is why they created MPower Co, a financial education resource that provides best practices and research-based information in the areas of both personal finance and positive psychology.

Dr. Thia, MPower Co’s Director of Education, is a Professor Emerita who has taught adult education for almost 40 years. She is a life-long learner who is an expert problem solver. Lea, MPower Co’s CEO and also Dr. Thia’s daughter, studied Personal Financial Planning and has worked for over a decade to investigate and audit those that sell investments.  She is a passionate advocate for providing information that people can rely upon to live their best lives starting now.