Wellness in the Workplace: CEO Panel

Wednesday 2:15 – 3:15 PM

Session Description

Disconnection from each other started long before the pandemic. In fact, research has shown over the years that we are becoming the loneliest society in history. Even more interesting, the anxiety and depression numbers continue to rise every year. What is the correlation? What are we missing? What have we forgotten about ourselves? Join Dr. Michelle Robin as she reveals the latest research and uncovers why connection with others is vital to our well-being – just as important as eating and drinking water. She will share her personal journey about building a tribe and provide guidance on how to pick the best people to build lifetime relationships.

Dr. Robin will also interview three local leaders – Anissa Elsey at Nazdar, Dr. Andrea Hendricks at Cerner Corporation, and Brandi Riggs at McCownGordon. They will share their stories about building a tribe and why those strong connections helped find the road to their best self and life.

Dr. Michelle Robin

Dr. Michelle Robin believes you cannot heal the body without first healing the heart – it may be letting go of a painful memory, healing a broken relationship, or releasing other emotions that keep you from discovering the best version of yourself. As a chiropractor, author, teacher, holistic healer, podcast host, unshakable optimist, international speaker, and founder of Your Wellness Connection, Small Changes Big Shifts®, and Big Shifts Foundation®, Dr. Robin has left an impression on thousands of lives by helping them find a way to live a vibrant, happy, and healthy life. For 30 years, she has guided people to create small changes that ultimately shift their habits and their life. To learn more about Dr. Robin and her programs, please visit SmallChangesBigShifts.com.