Purpose-Driven Storytelling Pokes Holes In Organizational Value Silos

Friday 9:15 – 10:15 AM

Session Description

How can a workforce full of people, who solve problems differently, continuously deliver greater value to co-workers, colleagues, investors, stakeholders and clients? How can business models and hiring practices catalyze people to better serve each other, first, so they better serve clients, together?

Start poking holes in your organization’s value silos! Leverage Complex / Wicked Problem Solving principles, values, and tools combined with purpose-driven storytelling. Consciously and continuously build bridges across traditional communication and collaboration disconnects. Purposefully co-create trust to fuel greater strategic business and human capital value. Retain employees and clients co-invested in continuously creating, implementing, and sustaining your organization’s value: together.


Babette Ten Haken

Babette Ten Haken is a change agent, collaboration catalyst, and complex problem solver. Her One Millimeter Mindset™ programs catalyze people who solve problems differently to collaborate more successfully as they translate the value of change and build trust together. She serves organizations wrestling with the impact of 4thIndustrial Revolution Technology on 3rd Industrial Revolution business and hiring models. Her goal is for people to become more professionally visible, cross-functionally relevant, and strategically valuable to colleagues and clients. Babette is a business-oriented STEM professional, qualitative Voice of the Customer facilitator, PMI-certified Wicked Problem Solver, and Six Sigma Green Belt (Quality). She is a member of the ASQ, SHRM, PMI, the National Speakers Association. Her playbook of cross-functional collaboration, Do YOU Mean Business? is available on Amazon.com.